The Montresor family has its roots in France. The count Claude de Montresor had a prominent important historical position during Cardinal Richelieu days and he took part to the political events as prime counsellor of Duke d'Orleans, the cousin of the king. He supported a moderate and less conservative monarchy.

The Montresor family is also mentioned in a famous tale of Edgar A. Poe, "The Amontillado Cask", where a member of the Montresor family is described as premium wine connoisseur with an excellent palate.
In the XVI century a branch of the family moved from Chateau Montresor, in the Loire valley to Italy and more precisely in Verona where they acquired lands, estates and started the culture of the vines.
When Giacomo Montresor, in the second half of the 19th century, started to sell the wines he produced under his family name, he could not imagine that one century later his wines would have reached the four cardinal points of the world.

Today his successors carry on this tradition which associates the agricultural activity to selecting, ageing, bottling and distributing operations.